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INTEGRITY HEALTH SYSTEMS is dedicated to offering everyone the latest in accurate custom health care solutions, products and programs.

Our Mission

INTEGRITY HEALTH SYSTEMS is the San Francisco Bay Area's leading distributor of custom health and wellness solutions. As Health Care gets more and more expensive and less effective, it is critical to take responsibility for your own health. To that end it is important to confront  your health in a preemptive or preventative mode rather than waiting for something to go wrong.  INTEGRITY is in the forefront of this movement.  Our medical advisory board stays informed of the latest and best new programs in preemptive preventative health care.

With the potential failure of our existing health care systems we must take full ownership of our own health and make it a priority responsibility. It is a job that no one else can do for you, you must take care of it yourself; with proper nutrition, supplementation, exercise and stress reduction  it can be done.  It is not difficult but you have to start now, waiting just makes the task more difficult. You must not put off the needs of your wellbeing for another day.

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What Your Urine Says About Your Health By Cindy Kuzma, Prevention

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Company Profile

INTEGRITY HEALTH SYSTEMS is the San Francisco Bay Area Exclusive distributor of United Wellness Network's  products and services  INTEGRITY HEALTH SYSTEMS is subsidiary of INTEGRITY LLC a provider of advanced technological solutions for many high technology industries.

INTEGRITY HEALTH SYSTEMS is owned by Bill Fuchs an internationally recognized technology visionary who has developed state of the art systems for analyzing, simulating and testing complex electronic  medical systems.

Dr. Bruce DeVault, N.D.

I have used INTEGRITY's nutritional formulas both personally and in my practice for the past nine years. I've found that their excellent bio-available chirally correct formulas effectively target specific nutrient deficiencies and provide the nutritional support needed to promote the body's natural healing. This superior line of nutritional supplements is the best I've seen in the industry. It has been instrumental in restoring my own health and that of my clients.

Contact Information

For all Information or if you would like to become a licensed partner please contact us by email.

Telephone (925) 285-2490 - Please try to email first.
Postal address    Bill Fuchs
                    INTEGRITY HEALTH SYSTEMS
                    160 Alamo Plaza # 302
                    Alamo, CA 94507
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